COVID impact on Marine tourism Updated

Larger corporate companies have felt the effects of lack of cash flow to assist revenues and hold assets. The pockets of these organisations which hold at least 80% of the tourism fleets in Australia have been deep and there has been little on selling of assets in the hope the market moves quickly now in 2022. Those with big enough cash reserves riden out the 2 year period with minimal impact on asset ownership. Book values and resistance to selling have been maintained.

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  • COVID impact on Marine tourism Updated

    Tourism businesses are beginning to see improvement in domestic support internal to a country. Australia has lower chinese numbers than pre pandemic period however political issue have hindered support from that market. European numbers have lifted in 2022 and continue to improve as the cruise market also recovers with return of international ships to Australian ports.    

  • Rationalisation of the Marine Manufacturing Industry and why there is a need for proven established Marine Manufacturing in Australia

    The issue There is a demand that will not be met in the future to support Australian aluminium manufacturing programs due to the reduction in manufacturing capacity in country. This is a trend occurring in the Australian aluminium manufacturing sector that appears to have to date,  gone under the radar for the broader market.

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