Interior Finish

This is a very subjective topic as there are no hard and fast rules that define a standard of interior finish. The hotel industry uses a 3, 4, 5,or 6 star rating system and this reflects, loosely, the quality of the room fitout and to some degree the volume of the space provided in the hotel room. One country’s 3 star finish may be another’s 5 star offering.

Hence, it is difficult to define interior standards and therefore there are no set rules. It needs to be assessed from photographs of a vessel interior/exterior and then prior to making a commitment to purchase of a given liveaboard, an inspection and acceptance of the  fitout is important.

This is why interior photos are very useful in assessing whether to inspect a vessel. Buyers will be supplied photographs of the interior fitout when they have been provided by owners. Owners should supply them to promote and encourage inspection of their asset.

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